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The “Quesnel Race” Rules The “Race” covers 200 miles and is working to be an Iditarod and Yukon Quest sanctioned race. Therefore, their rules apply unless otherwise stated. In addition, the Race 200 race has established the following rules to govern this race. 1. The purse has yet to be determined. Entry fees payable in cash. $ 300 until January 15th $ 500 after January 15th up to the musher meeting on January 28th Limited to 20 teams 2. All race entrants must be 18 yrs. of age at the start of the race. All entrants will be required to sign participation release forms provided by the race committee. IMPORTANT: QUALIFYING ROOKIES MUST FOLLOW THE RULES SET FORTH BY THE IDITAROD AND QUEST TRAIL COMMITTEE FOR ROOKIES. 3. The race 200 committee demands humane treatment of the dogs at all times. Race team size for starting The race is 8-dog minimum and 12-dog maximum. There must be 5 dogs in harness to complete the race. 4. Check points are considered dog drops. Musher must provide a chain or cable drop chain with a snap with each dropped dog. 5. Food drops must be provided to the race committee before the day of the race, in Quesnel .B.C before the meeting at 6:00 pm. Late food drops will be carried by the team. Straw/Bedding will be provided to musher at the checkpoints. 6. Food drops will be delivered to the Check points . All food drops will be in a "gunny" type bag and clearly marked with the musher's name. The “Race” 200 will start at 4 pm on Friday January 29th with 2 minute intervals Vet Check – 4:00 pm ThursdayJanuary 28th Musher meeting to be held in Quesnel B.C on Thursday January 28th at 6:00 P.M The teams will depart the starting line at 2-minute intervals, the time differential will be adjusted at a 4 hour mandatory layover, at CP 1 Race course “ The Race” 200 Course will be marked in its entirety with reflective markers, Start to 1st CP 50 miles 1st CP to 2ND CP 50 miles 2nd CP to 3rd CP 60 miles 3rd CP to Finish 50 miles Race start and finish will be in at 24945 Umiti Pit Rd Quesnel B.C Total Distance- approximately 210 miles Maps will be provided at the musher meeting. Rest – There will be three mandatory rests- CP#1 4 hour rest (this is where the start time differential will be adjusted.) CP#2 additional 6 hours roving rest at either CP 2 or 3 CP#3 Musher’s may take additional rest. Each musher must have the mandatory gear with them when leaving checkpoints. - Sleeping bag, Sleeping bag 5 lb - Axe 22'' long, 1 ¾ lb -Snowshoes (252 square inches min) -Dog booties 4 per dog -Cooker stove capable of heating 3 gallons of water - 1 lb of food per dog in the team - musher food 8. Drug use by the musher is prohibited 9. Passing: When one team approaches to within fifty feet of another team, the team behind shall have the immediate right of way upon demand. The musher ahead must stop his dogs and hold them to the best of his ability for a maximum of one minute or until the other team has passed, whichever occurs first. The passed team must remain behind at least fifteen minutes before demanding the trail. 9. Drug Use: No injectable, oral or topical drug which may suppress the signs of illness or injury may be used on a dog. A musher may not inject any substance into their dogs. No other drugs or other artificial means may be used to drive a dog or cause a dog to perform or attempt to perform beyond its natural ability Algyval is permitted for topical use. 10. There will be a pre-race vet check on all teams. Mushers will be required to present proof of current vaccinations, rabies from veterinarian; parvo, corona and distemper from vet or receipts if administered by musher. There will be a vet on hand to check over dogs prior to the start of the race. A race veterinarian will also be on hand at the race. 11.The honor rule of good sportsmanship will be observed at all times. Abuse of volunteers and officials will result in disqualification. The awards banquet ( location to be determined) will be held Sunday January 31st at 6:p.m If the musher is not finished prior to the start of the banquet, they will have a no finish time for the purposes of using the “Race” 200 as a qualifying race.