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Yukon Quest food drops, and back in Yellowknife for a few more days...

by Warren 1/21/2009 5:54:00 AM

Well we are back in Yellowknife and the reality of getting food drops done has hit hard. We are working to get them all done in the next few days so that we can get them trucked from Yellowknife to Whitehorse.
The deadline to have them dropped off is January 31st so they need to leave here by the 25th.
For those that are not aware what  "food drops" are  well basically they are everything that you may need on the trail during the race, including but not limited to dry dog food, various meats and fat, ( all cut up into portions) ,human food , extra clothing socks etc., runner plastic, dog meds. and the list goes on...
So we have them almost all finished . We are just waiting for a couple more things, then we will get the bags all closed up and on their way.

We are still using our camp out on Great Slave lake, So still running 70 milers.
 We had a great reprieve in the weather here since we have been back from Montana, The forecast is for -28  to -18 C as the long range forecast so we will not have to deal with the super cold weather before the race.
 All the dogs are still looking really good, we have 28 dogs still in the pool. As we get closer to the race I will be deciding the 14 dogs that I will take on  the Quest. I feel that I have a large group of fairly equal dogs, I am leaning towards a mix of two year olds and a few older veterans for the Quest.  Size is also a consideration for the Quest do to the lower amount of dogs and generally carrying more weight, but I still have time to decide.

More later


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