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An even later Monday night update

by Kate 2/13/2012 9:33:00 PM
Sam just called. Warren arrived in Seeley at 1042pm so the run time back in was about the same as going out. Laura arrived an hour later. All 12 dogs ate well and are resting. Apparently there are some teams having issues with the straw that the teams have to use causing coughing, a few members of our team affected abit as well. There is a wet snowfall starting now so might make for a slushy last run of the race. Warren also has been able to keep some food down and is sleeping now. Plan is to finish with all 12 dogs. Warren can leave Seeley at 442am tomorrow and he will I imagine do a straight shot run into Lincoln, passing through the Whitetail checkpoint. Sam is with the dogs now and will water them again shortly. More news to come in the morning.

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