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Race to the Sky update

by Kate 2/12/2012 9:27:00 PM
Happy to have a Race to the Sky update - Sam just called from the road. Warren left the WHitetail about 11 pm after a 31/2 hour rest. Despite a bad parking spot right in the middle of everything( apparently assigned spots this year) dogs ate well, rested and were barking to go, no one dropped at Whitetail. Someone else left just after War - bib #10 if anyone knows numbers and who that is? Trail so far has been good - marked at least. They don't have nearly the large amount of snow that they saw at Rimini. Hopefully will have more info from Seeley tomorrow. The team is made up of older dogs this year, I never did get the exact linup of the team but do know Caper is representing the females in the kennel, with her own harem of guys to keep in line. My guesses on some of the other members are Black Dog, Blueberry, Widgi,Cyclone,Earl,Hazer, Hulk, Hurricane, Mogur,Redneck, Ajax, Onyx, Oyster and Ozzy ...I'll try and find out for you all tomorrow. If anyone hears any updates on the race please send them our way. I just rechecked the race website and there are some times into Whitetail now - looks like War was first in at 717pm with a runtime of 5hours and 2 minutes from Lincoln. Cheers, Kate

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