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Update Monday night

by Kate 2/13/2012 8:04:00 PM
Hi there, At least there is some information now coming through on the Race to the Sky website though it really shows us all how spoiled we have gotten with many of the race websites having pictures, up to the moment coverage and the like. I would love to see photos but none seem to be coming thus far. At least I am getting to talk to Sam a few times a day and that is a bonus. From him I have learned that it was about a 51/2 hour run out to Owl for Warren and team, they rested about 21/2 hours and headed back to Seeley just before 5pm. With it being a return trip on the same trail after many more teams went on it, I am hoping that the run may be a bit shorter for them on the the way back to Seeley. As expected, it looks like Laura and Warren will be having a real race from here on in. She left Owl Creek at 512 just behind Warren. They will both have to take their 6 hour mandatory layovers in Seeley and then the last run into Lincoln will be a real race. Warren still has 12 dogs with him, Laura only 10. Hoping to be able to talk to Warren here tonight but we'll see. No word on his health status and I am just hoping he is feeling better and he is able to get some rest on the layover in Seeley. Sam sounds like he is in good shape - ah to be 18 and not need the sleep as we do now! More news when I get it. Cheers, Kate

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